We know that Holidays are just around the corner and because of it you are probably experiencing an overwhelming amount of STRESS. See when it comes to what gifts to get, what holiday special and store should i camp-out at, who's party should i attend and other life pressing questions like these, our bodies tend to suffer.  Stress today is considered a major player in the arena of disease. It can and will cause other normal body functions to weaken and even fail. That is why we have decided to offer our services at a great discount.

For a limited Time! beginning November 27th - to - December 22nd, 2017 we are honoring the price of $45.00 for a full 1 hour Massage (either relaxation or deep tissue). We are also honoring the price of $69.00 for a complete Chiropractic initial examination including your first round of therapy.

I know we can all agree that people genuinely want to feel strong, mobile and function daily without pain. Over the years it has been shown that when it comes to Auto Injuries, Chiropractic can help; when it comes to Sports Injuries, Chiropractic can help; when it comes to Post-op / Surgical Rehabilitation, Neck Pain, Low Back Pain, Arthritic Pain, Joint Pain, Etc.......Chiropractic can help!

When it comes to helping you and your family reach your health goals, CORE is here. We are Wesley Chapel's true family-centered, Wellness and Rehabilitation Center! Centrally located and serving Dade City, Zephyrhills, Lutz, and New Tampa families for over nine years.


It truly is a rewarding experience when we are able to help a member of our community experience life again by restoring proper motion and function, with little to no pain in the end.   Dr. Pablo Rivera